5 Days of Body Positivity: Day One


“Hating our bodies is something that we learn, and it sure as hell is something that we can unlearn.”―Megan Jayne Crabbe


The Story

You may be asking yourself, “Nijeria, why did you decide to write your very first blog series on body positivity?” Well, let me tell you a little story:

Picture it, Virginia 2004 (or whatever Sophia said from The Golden Girls). My friends and I lined up to have our weight and height taken by a random set of doctors during our mandatory gym class. When I stepped up to have mine taken, I could already see the level of concern on the doctors’ face. I stepped on scale and instantly, I regretted my decision to do so. Although, it wasn’t like I really had a choice. The scale read “100 lbs” and I was mortified. Why? Everyone else’s reading was below 80 lbs. The doctor looked at me with disgust on her face as she silently wrote it down in her notebook and then ushered me to the back with the other students who had already gone. Now, I had always been fat. I was a chunky baby; I was bigger than most students in my class and shorter. I was a little butterball if I do say so myself, but I thought I was pretty cute up until then. The shame and embarrassment I felt having my weight taken in a public environment would go on to haunt me. This is just one of the many traumatic experiences I would go on to have in my life.

The Problem

Like many other women, I learned to hate my body from a very young age. Even though I was extremely intelligent, sweet as honey, caring, and athletic, my weight would continuously overshadow my amazing qualities in some way. It didn’t matter what the environment was, there would ALWAYS be someone who felt the need to provide their unsolicited and/or inappropriate opinion on the way I looked. Unfortunately, as an adult, I developed not only low self-esteem but an eating disorder to go along with it. Both of which I am still trying to overcome ‘til this day.  

The reason why body positivity is the very first subject I want to discuss is because as a Licensed Professional Counselor and coach, one of the biggest obstacles I help clients overcome is body image. My clientele consists mainly of women who have grown up hearing, seeing, and internalizing messages of what it means to be an attractive, valued woman in our society. These deep-seated messages almost always stem from European beauty ideals that are unrealistic and harmful. Women are often left basing their worth on extrinsic values such as their looks rather than intrinsic values such as who they are as a person. As a result, I’ve seen a significant increase in low self-esteem, which directly influences a woman’s mental health, impacting her overall well-being. 

The Solution

While the solution to this issue may seem simple, it is still easier said than done. Why? Reversing the effects of societal programming on millions of women will not only take time and money but also complete dedication from those wanting a change. Each person (myself included), as well as those of you reading this blog will constantly need to keep our biases in check, self-reflect and do our work to combat these negative internalizations we’ve had our entire lives.

Fun Fact: The two previous paragraphs are an excerpt of Nijeria’s Pageant Platform: Bridging the Gap between Mental Health and Body Positivity! Click the link to learn more and support her on her journey!

So, consider this post as an introduction to Sexhale’s first blog series. One that our company holds dear to our hearts! 

Over the next 4 days, we will shed light on the intersection between body positivity and mental health. Each topic will have educational content, personal experience, tips, and advice. On the 5th day, we will wrap up the series providing important takeaways. Our topics will be:

Body Positivity and the Self
Body Positivity and Others
Body Positivity and Sex

The Challenge

With that being said, my first challenge to you is reflect on why you decided to read this post. Was it because you just wanted to support me and the business? Is it because you’re curious about what it is I have to say? Or maybe it’s because this subject is something you can relate to. Regardless, its important to know the motivation behind anything you do as it’s the first step to accomplishing your goals! 

Comment below and tell me what your motivation is! Don’t forget to share this post with others and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok for more content!

With Love,


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